Sunday, September 16, 2018

Old Norse Resources

Old Norse Resources

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Latin Resources (Purchase)

See also Online Latin Resources:


  • OLD (Oxford Latin Dictionary)
    • Very expensive
    • Very extensive
    • Only covers classical period
  • John Traupman's English<->Latin Dictionary
    • Classical plus lots of neo/living Latin (See Traupman's Conversational Latin below)

Courses (workbooks etc):
  • Orberg's LLPSI Series
  • Conversational Latin for Oral Proficiency (John Traupman)
    • Fantastic little book with real conversations you can use to practice conversing in living Latin now!  Each chapter is is dedicated to a particular topic, and has three levels.  If you are still at the beginner level, you can skip around from chapter to chapter, only reading level 1.  Later, you can return to level 2 and 3.  

Friday, October 23, 2015

Romanian Mission - Week 1 day 3

I am liking Romanian so far.  It seems rather easy, being that I already know or partly know Latin, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Latin.  There are also some Slavic words and syntactical features popping up.

The Assimil 'Le Roumain sans peine' was written before the spelling reform of 1993, so there are some words that I try to lookup on or that don't come up, although a few of them will redirect to the current standard spelling.

I have decided to take my 'detailed' approach to learning this language, which consists of typing all of the L1 and L2 into a spreadsheet, extracting each new word and phrase into separate columns, looking up interesting related items (like singular form of plural nouns) and putting all of that into anki. My stats as of right now, having done new items and just entered lesson 3 are:

Mature: 0
Unseen: 82
Young+learn: 70
Suspended+Buried: 68

Total cards: 220
Total notes: 110

Listening to the lessons, it definitely feels closest to Italian; especially when you hear the phrase:
'La revedere'.

 And on that note, la revedere!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 week Romanian mission

My friend Alexander has decided to learn Romanian.  You can read his various reasons here: .

I am always looking for excuses to pick up another one of my Assimil books to use it well.

I will try to post progress here.  I have transcribed the first lesson into a spreadsheet, extracted all new words and grammatical features (41 in total for lesson 1) and put them into anki.  After having listened to the lesson at least 15 times and doing the aforementioned transcription, I went through all the anki cards in a 4 minutes :-D.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Five Accomplished Polyglots Every Language Geek Should Know About

I found this on the Language subreddit, and while it's short and not necessarily useful, the polyglots referenced within are actually very interesting to read about.  Specifically, Kató Lomb has written two books specifically about languages.  Highly recommended reads.

I stand corrected.  She has actually written four books.  Here are direct PDF links to her two books that I was aware of:

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Using Assimil

I now use Assimil so differently.  I will later post a more detailed description of what I am doing, and why I think it's successful.  Here is a summary:

  • Read and listen to lessons until I recognize the foreign text without referring to the English (or French or whatever).  
  • Go back, 7 lessons at a time, and produce the text from English (or French or whatever) to the target language, noting differences and mistakes in my production.  Another chance to listen to the native audio. 
That's about it. I have two bookmarks in my assimil books: one for recognize mode and one for produce mode. The produce bookmark is always behind the recognize mark.